"Taste of Niagara" was born out of event management/catering experience coupled with a desire to form a life and business that honors family, supports the local community and embraces quality service.   

After having out of country friends come to visit and finding very few quality gifts that honestly represent the Niagara Region, "Saucy Spirits" was created as a subsidiary of "Taste of Niagara" "Saucy Spirits" meets the desire to promote the uniqueness of Niagara's wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the provision of a quality gift. 

I recognize that we exist in a day when takeout food is common fare and cooking with pizzaz is becoming a lost art. From the bounty of Niagara I developed a variety of "instant" gourmet sauces that pair with the spirits found throughout Niagara.  The sauces are made using freeze dried produce which capture the fresh picked taste and texture of Niagara produce.

These sauce mixes are great hostess gifts or a gift to self. Accompanied by a bottle of wine, craft beer or liquor you will give a little gift of luxury that will be sure to excite the taste buds.

Of course, I still provide local catering services which utilize quality farm to table food that is made from scratch.  I offer the opportunity to experience "Saucy Spirit Sauces" as an accompaniment to any style of menu. 

I am truly proud of the work I have done in the past in conjunction with PigOut Events and am pleased to be branching out in this venture.  My past work can be seen on Facebook at PigOut Events and my upcoming work can be seen throughout this web page, on Facebook and Instagram.