Why Freeze Dry?

There are lots of quick ways to preserve vegetables, herbs, and fruit.  They can be canned, frozen, dehydrated or freeze dried.   At Taste of Niagara, we choose freeze-drying because it preserves without cooking out nutrients or taste.  Freeze drying involves deep freezing quickly then drying with heat applied to the frozen food.  The water evaporates before the food thaws.  The result is food with an amazing freshness that can be smelled even in the dried state and a texture that is incredibly close to fresh when re-hydrated.    In the image above you see tomatoes, carrot, ginger, celery, and parsley.   In an image, it can be pretty difficult to see that this food is freeze-dried.   It still looks fresh and the taste is incredible.   At Taste of Niagara, we have decided that freeze-drying our local produce gives us the best chance of providing a product that has a long shelf life while ensuring the highest quality in flavour, appearance, and texture.    

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