What's in a Label?

Anyone who has ever been concerned about nutrition has learned to read labels.  There is a wealth of information included on labels. Not only is there nutritional information, but there are also product details which are vitally important.  A description of the common name of the item is included, i.e. "Gourmet Sauce Mix".    The weight, nutritional information, and a recipe are included on each label.  Our labels are color-coded, yellow for white wine, burgundy for red wine, beer will be amber and liquor will be a brown tone.  The labels say what each mix is best mixed with for maximum flavor i.e.  "Just add: water, bold red wine, butter".  There are no secrets and no surprise trips to the grocery store if the label is read upon purchase.  (If you've ever bought a cake mix and found out that you need oil, milk, and eggs to pull the thing together when you are short on one or all three ingredients you know what I mean by surprise trips to the grocers.)  

  Our Saucy Spirits labels also help our customers to know what is not included.   No chemicals.   No artificial flavor.  No Gluten. All natural ingredients.  We endeavor to help our customers see what they are getting through clear packaging and through clear labeling.  

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